01. Today, we are [marching] for peace, and an end to the threat of nuclear war.
02. The teacher [marched] the student into the principal's office.
03. Caitlin [marched] into her brother's room, and demanded her portable MP3 player.
04. There is a [march] downtown to support the rights of homosexuals.
05. The soldiers [marched] into the square, and stood at attention.
06. The new recruits were sent on a five hour [march] with full gear in the blazing sun.
07. The children were [marching] around the park, pretending to be soldiers.
08. Auguste Renoir once remarked that you've got to be a fool to want to stop the [march] of time.
09. In the opening procession of the Olympics, the team representing the host nation always [marches] last.
10. North and South Korean athletes [marched] under a single flag for the first time in Olympic history at the 27th Olympiad at Sydney, Australia.
11. Indian elephants often [march] through the jungle in a line.
12. A Ugandan proverb notes that caution is not cowardice; even the ants [march] armed.
13. In 1917, 50,000 British and Indian troops [marched] into Baghdad, capturing 9,000 Turkish prisoners.
14. In March of 1965, Martin Luther King led the start of a 4,000-strong civil rights [march] from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama.
15. Mao Zedong and his Communist forces ended their Long [March] at Yan'an, in Shaanxi, northwest China in October of 1935.
16. In October of 1915, 25,000 women [marched] in New York City for the right to vote.
17. Someone once noted that civilized man has [marched] across the face of the earth and left a desert in his footprints.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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